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Primary Plan

You need reviews and have already created, edited, claimed, and are maintaining your listings.  You get an amazing tool put in place to make sure the best things your clients or patients say about you.  You want to be sure that content gets to the places that matter like your website, Google, Yelp, Facebook and other critical review sites.  You are tech savvy and are using social media to attract and engage your prospects, you just require direction on content, building engagement and converting prospects to paying clients or patients.  The goal is for you to be the Hands-Down, Obvious Choice in your market setting yourself clearly apart from your competition.

Business Reviews System for Success

Utilization of our Business Reviews system to filter your reviews and push them out to the sites that matter for you. This system will be setup with your company information, logo, etc.

Business Listings and SEO

Building/Claiming/Editing and Optimization of your business listings to ensure that your information is correct in every directory site that you have of importance.  This is a process and will take an investment of time, usually within the first sixty days we see results with some listings it can take up to six months to begin indexing online.  These listings are revisited annually for accuracy as new companies arise, companies create listings for you and duplicates arise, etc.

Social Media Coaching

We help you rock Social Media with our proven success coaching and support to help you build and maintain an amazing presence Facebook, Twitter, and your the Google Business Page.  Instagram and YouTube can also be included if you aren't already rocking those two sites.

How We Work

Our Partnership begins with weekly virtual sessions to get you looking stellar right away.   We train you and your staff on the science art of review collection to quickly start the flow of reviews.  The sessions will eventually evolve into once a month or quarterly, (this is determined by you) and there will be data tracking report and a full market analysis.  We celebrate our wins and focus on the next level strategies as being a winner never ends!

The goal is always for you to be THE Obvious Choice In Your Market getting you more clients or patients and growing your business.