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Doing What Is Right For Your Business

As entrepreneurs, most of us never considered that we wouldn’t thrill every client that walked in the door, even if we knew we couldn’t.

We did consider we would be taken out of our comfort zone since we chose to own our own businesses.  

And, we know what is right for us and for our businesses. We just need to remember to listen!

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3 Easy Steps to Growing your Practice through Reviews

Make it easy for people to read and write reviews. Your most prominent online review platforms will advocate your awesome practice. Consolidate duplicate accounts, make sure you update your business information on these platforms on a monthly basis, and connect your patients to these platforms so that their feedback is not going unnoticed.

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Review Study: How many Reviews do Local Businesses Need?

reviews are becoming ever-more relevant to online search rankings. We know from the source that Google values trustworthy Businesses. They evaluate this trust through frequency of content and positive ratings for a business. A recent study wanted to assess how local businesses are using Google Reviews and provide a benchmark to help compare your business with others in your industry.

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