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Responding to Google Reviews: Updated


Google My Business (GMB) has added a new way to respond to reviews. Users are now able to access the review query from their maps listing.

What does this mean? You can manage your reviews from your maps listing, bypassing the GMB login. Business owners can now respond without having to download the GMB app or open the GMB home page.

Additionally, Google has updated its tips on responding to negative reviews, a reminder that bad reviews do not always reflect bad business. The customer may have mismatched expectations and learning how to constructively respond to these reviews can actually help your digital reputation.

A few key points from this update:

  • Do not share personal data or attack the reviewer personally.

  • Investigate the reasons behind the negative review before you respond.

  • Be honest about the mistakes that were made, but do not take responsibility for things that weren’t your fault.

  • Apologize when it’s appropriate. Demonstrate compassion and empathy with your audience.

  • Show that you are a real person by signing off with your name or initials.

  • Never lash out. Be professional.

  • Respond in a timely manner to show that you care about your customer’s reviews.

A positive post-review interaction can result in a change of heart. It shows the dissatisfied customer that you care about their experience and it lets prospects know that you care about your business. For more information on our review system and our specialty GMB management services please book a consultation and one of our Deluge Wonderteam members will be happy to show you our services!


Source: Google