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Embracing AI in your SEO Campaign


Creating a fluid automation strategy within your company should be one of the top priorities for your digital outreach and internal processes. Make a plan to deliver personalized content while saving your business time and money by implementing AI software solutions. This sounds easy enough in practice, but grasping the full capacity of AI solutions takes a deeper level of understanding than most are willing to look into.

We’ve moved past automation being a solution in and of itself. Automation is simply a starting point to efficiently collect and analyze data sets. According to Martech, “Layers of natural language processing and machine learning enable smarter optimizations driven by predictive analytics, pattern recognitions, and evidence-based learning”. In the SEO realm, site audits, competitive analysis, monitor rankings, and other SEO tasks are made easier through automation. So, what’s the next step in implementing this data into AI processing?

With the rise of real-time data, we are now able to look at this information as it’s being submitted and apply that to an SEO strategy so that it’s geared towards predictive technology. Google dedication to AI is resulting in far more interactive search results that speak directly to the searcher's intent. The algorithm is listening to searcher cues and implementing these cues into future searches. Static websites are taking a hit on this because they aren’t nearly as adaptable as dynamic sites when changes in the algorithm occur. Our Bloom Plan works with your key information to accommodate AI and its ties to SEO.

Optimizing voice search within your strategy will help your SEO strategy. Using a conversational tone in your content helps favor your business because AI is designed to be conversational. Visuals and voice search are the forefront of AI because searchers want results as efficiently as possible. We take this into account on our website overhauls.  The more easily understood your content is, the better chances you will have at converting traffic into buyers.

Making good use of descriptive text seems fundamental but is rarely exercised in a businesses SEO strategy. When imagery and video is not an option for the searcher, your descriptive text will be the next best guide to bringing effective results. AI helps organize and highlight these descriptions to the searcher so that they can hopefully reach their conclusion.  For example, remember seeing those “ALT” functions in website builders next to your images? Use those for descriptive text to enhance your SEO strength and AI presence.

Embracing automation will be increasingly important in your ability to scale your digital efforts. AI will look to simplify these complex decision making inquiries and it’s up to you to make sure your content is optimized for search engines.

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Source: Bright Edge