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GMB Development: Customer Testimonials - Next Posting?


Google Posts are a great way to promote your business listing within the search results. It is not uncommon for customers to contact your business straight from your listing. This is why GMB posts can be an extremely effective way of reaching out to your audience. They provide visibility to your local web search and map listing. Google is now working towards customer reviews as another way to highlight local businesses.

First of all, Let us make it clear that this new feature is still a work in progress. Google has announced that it is testing the review integration, but has not made it clear which countries this applies to. The update would automatically sort your 4 or 5-star reviews and output them in an attractive automated posting. Here are a couple screenshots of the new testing feature:

google posts image.png

Why should we care: Google my business postings are here to stay. They are a quick way to showcase your business, highlight promos, events and so much more. You are doing your business a disservice by not utilizing this awesome feature for your listing. With this proposed update, your customer reviews are more important than ever.

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