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Google My Business Support: Full-Upgrade


The GMB Community forum has been refreshed. The upgrade includes a decluttered GMB forum, easier ways to share issues, and improved spam reporting. The new GMB community represents a much larger commitment by Google to integrate their community forum with the self-help support center. Having these integrated features means that business owners, agencies, and GMB Support Product Experts will be able to work closely on resolving GMB issues.

Optimized Support

Whether you’re a multi-location brand, business owner or agency, your first option to GMB support is typing the query into the community forum. As the featured posts states “This community is intended to be a place where you can interact with other Google My Business users to ask questions, get help, and discuss all things GMB. Before asking a question, first, be sure to search the Help Center using the search bar above.” There are millions of users tied into the GMB community. Utilizing the Community support initially can be the easiest way to confront an issue. There are Product Experts than can help guide users to solutions.

If community forum comes short on a solution, you can connect with the support wizard for further assistance. Google collects information from these support channels and directs you to possible solutions to your issue. The new “Trending Issue” tab keeps recent issues at the surface of the community so that solutions can have higher visibility. It should go without saying that the community update is mobile friendly as well. You can also “Subscribe to Updates” within the support forum. This will send posted responses straight to your email.

For example, most business owners aren’t aware that you need to wait at least 14 days before contacting support after you’ve requested a verification card. While the community board may pass on the information from other GMB users, the support wizard will send you a direct response asking if it has been 14 days since the initial request. The support wizard will route you to the proper channel upon inquiry. Please note that the GMB FaceBook page can be utilized as a third option of support if the help center and wizard don’t suffice.

These updates show how committed Google is to improving the GMB community and its functionality. Between the help center and community forum, there is an ample amount of information to confront any troubleshooting issues. We suspect that these new features are just the beginning of something better. Google is starting to take more accountability towards their products and the new support features prove that we are heading in a better direction. Interested in optimizing your business on Google? Looking for client reviews to match your great business? Contact us today for a free consultation!