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Doing What Is Right For Your Business


As entrepreneurs, most of us never considered that we wouldn’t thrill every client that walked in the door, even if we knew we couldn’t.

We did consider we would be taken out of our comfort zone since we chose to own our own businesses.  

After all of these years in business, I have learned many valuable lessons.  The one that caused me to want to write this blog is one where only we know what is really right for us and for our businesses.  Allowing other influences, whether it is a valued employee, a loyal client or a mentor, or even a friend we respect and trust, to make the final decisions on how we choose to run our business is ultimately our choice.  

And, we know what is right for us and for our businesses.  

I recently had two examples of getting advice from people that I knew was completely wrong for my business and after being in my mastermind group, I was offered alternatives and warned of the consequences of what I was about to do for a marketing campaign.  I was told it was a “potential liability” (now that sounds scary, huh!?) and I was told to do something cheesy instead. Nope. I was told my pitch was too long. I was told I was doing too much for my prospects (not to mention my clients - I am told that regularly!)

The truth is, I want to be different.  I want to be helpful, not “sales-y”. I wanted to grab attention in the sea of marketing agencies that call me every day and say, “Don’t hang up!  Your Google Listing is in serious jeopardy! Blah blah blah.” Being a digital agency, I would know if my Google Listing was in serious jeopardy. Heck, this is what I do!

So, I made a decision and went ahead with what I thought was right and guess what?  It got attention. It set me apart from all of the noise!

Then, I had a success session with one of my clients.  They insisted that the way we had their marketing system set up was “annoying” to their clients.  I asked how many clients complained, three seconds go by, then I was told, “10-12!” I knew that couldn’t be the case and it was an inflated number, but the double digits got my attention.  And those were the ones that, “spoke up” in a world of non-confrontation.

The truth is, even if you have 10-12 clients asking you to do things differently, that doesn’t mean you change your marketing plan that is getting results unless you can do so and keep as many clients happy as well as continue to get the same (or better) results.  When clients pay money, some can consider it a right to complain about anything.
After all, they are the client and they want things their way.  Have a solution and a prepared script if it comes up often. Sometimes just explaining your position and the “why” is all it takes.  The person says, “Oh, ok, that makes sense.” Sometimes they even try to see how they can help you get what you want, which is ultimately the best solution!

If your team members, even long-term loyal employees, push back at a decision you have made, be the example and do it yourself.  Especially if it involves you and your clients. We, as leaders, set the example. Not our clients and not our employees. Not even our spouses when it comes to determining what is right for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  Go with your gut. You will create wins and lessons. Life is a series of these, so be bold in your decisions and don’t be afraid to change course when it makes sense for you. Knowing what is best for you is a mindset just like knowing the world is abundant and the universe has your back!

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