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Star Rating or the Amount of Reviews - Which Matters Most?


I love this question because it rings true for many of our clients,

And the answer is: Review Counts are better than star rating.  Did you get that right?

SaaS provider Womply did a large scale study where the results showed that the number is better than the actually rating.  Of course, that doesn’t mean the rating doesn’t count!

There have been other large studies but none that have queried over 200K businesses and found that overall the review counts matter more if we are pitting one against the other.   I have noticed that often, after over 6 years in the reputation marketing industry, this could be a matter of an issue that was resolved long ago and for a streak, the business solved the issue.

200K businesses were looked at overall and Womply was able to directly tie review numbers and presence, aka reputation management best practices, with more positive revenue outcomes.  

Another metric that really helps increase revenue is claiming listings.  Businesses were scored depending on how many listings had been claimed: One business listing had the lowest revenue, four or more sites that had been claimed (i.e., Google, Facebook, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc) had the highest activity paid to it (in reviews) and won the revenue outcome game.

We can’t say scientifically that because two things have something in common it equals the cause of the outcome, however, I would bargain to say those companies “get it” from a digital marketing and buying habit or micro-moment perspective, understand the outcomes and how to manage them to their benefit.  Either they run their businesses well and because of that, provide the best in service (online/in person), or they hire a company like Deluge Digital Marketing to help get them in the game so they can ultimately focus on what they do best. We do the rest.

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