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New 'Follow Feature' on Maps expands GMB Outreach

Google Maps has initiated a new “Follow Button” feature as they expand GMB Features

Google continues to improve their local business features as they launched a new feature in their Google Maps Application this month. The “Follow” feature allows Google users to track their favorite local businesses on updated events, offers, and other information. You can now view local Google postings in the ‘For You’ tab of Google Maps.

Upon initial inspection, this is a step in the right direction for Google. We utilize Google posts for our clients frequently and we’ve seen the direct benefits these postings offer their prospective audiences. This improvement will help customize user content so the businesses you follow will be the primary focus of your feed. No more shots in the dark with irrelevant recommendations and advertisements. Instead, you have a tad bit more control over what businesses and content matters most to you.

The timing of this and the recent closure of Google+ is showing a renewed focus on local search and business promotion. If anything, Google is empowering local businesses by promoting these features that business owners have control of. This shifts small businesses away from being at the mercy of the the ever-changing algorithm and gives users an opportunity to customize what businesses matter to them.

The ‘follow feature’ is in its very early stages currently; it’s not available to IOS users. We can only assume that this is yet another improvement Google is making to digital marketing tactics as they monopolize small business information. At this point, the best thing we can do is continue to push content through these features. The fact remains that Google search will continue to dominate other search engines. Therefore, Your best chance at getting noticed is to utilize their improved features.