Q. What is Review Marketing?

A. Your Reviews are your MOST VALUABLE asset.  What your clients say about you is the most powerful marketing possible.  It is a direct reflection of your company’s ability to deliver, the quality and dependability of your product or service, as well as your expertise in the industry.  They  also speak directly to those who may refer you. Driving the best reviews to communication channels that matter is critical for growth.


Q. What is SEO?

A. Search Engine Optimization is a science of combining strategy and technique to increase the conversions from a search engine to your website. 


Q. How Do I Find Out What My Clients Say About Me Online?

A. Download your FREE Reviews Report HERE http://www.delugedigitalreviews.com/


Q. What are Business Listings/Directory Sites/Citation Sites And Why Do They Matter?

A. They are Online Directories that house your company’s data.  There are two tiers of directory sites.  Tier 1 sites are data warehouses that house your data and those feed Tier 2 sites with your company’s information.  Information is gathered from multiple locations and must be monitored for accuracy regularly so you show up in all of the places that matter for your business.  Inaccurate, duplicate or inconsistencies can negatively affect how you show up in important categories when searched.


Q. How Do We Find the Errors, Duplicates or Missing Listings Information that is costing me customers?

A. We specialize in helping businesses with these listings by making sure they are as accurate as possible.  Listings are a consistent work in progress as new information about your business is created for you, but not always by you.


Q.  How Do I Get My Free Ebook?

Q.  How Do I Book A Free 30 Minute Virtual Market Analysis? 


Q.  How Do I Get Started?


Q.  Do You Provide Detailed Reporting?

A.  Yes!  Your monthly reports will display your results and next steps.


Q.  How Do You Measure Results?

A.  This can be a tough question to answer as buying habits are mostly made up of micro-moments that the potential buyer experiences.  The best way to measure results is to look at the statistics and ask specific questions of your buyers. Specific questions enable us to track what is working, what isn’t, and do more of what works.


Q.  What Social Media Sites Do You Work With on the Bud & Bloom Premier Plan?

A.  As you know, social media can change rapidly. We guarantee Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter.  YouTube and other sites are important as well but this is on a case-by-case basis. E-mail delugedigitalmarketing@gmail.com for further questions about how we choose media channels.


Q.  How do We Upgrade Our Program?


Q.  Are We Required To Sign A Contract?

A.  No, we work on a month to month basis. A 30 day cancellation period is all that is required.


Q.  Do You Work With My Competitors?

A.  We will not work with the top 1-5 immediate competitors in your market area. We are on your team.


Q.  How Often Do You Monitor My Competitors?

A.  We provide monthly monitoring and analysis of your competitors.


Q.  What Do I Do If I Want To Dissolve My Partnership?

A.  Schedule a virtual session here so we can chat about what it means to do so and we can show you how to disconnect all of the integrated parts.

Owner or Authorized Personnel are the only parties we will accept a cancellation from as we believe this program is critical for your company’s success and bottom line.