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What specific experience does your company have helping practices with their online marketing within the Orthodontic and Dental Industry?

Collectively we have over 12 years experience specific to the  Dental and Orthodontic Industries. Our roots began at a marketing agency specializing in executive coaching and reputation management. Tamela chose to start Deluge and build her team starting with one expert that has seven years in Dental and Ortho online marketing experience.  She expanded her team to include those with expertise in web development, PPC ads, SEO, and social media.


What tools do you use to optimize your client’s marketing campaigns?

We start with a very specific process to identify what the company’s goals are for the future, then through a series of discovery sessions we do a deep dive into their business. Once we have a clear understanding of the business; we can create a fool-proof solution based marketing plan.  This includes software platforms, email marketing campaigns, specific calls-to-action implementation, advertisements that draw ideal clients to the practice, social media management for brand awareness, and new patient attraction. Our success coaching covers how to ask for a review, handle a prospective patient call, and utilize our specialized software designed to increase conversion. The sky is the limit!


Why is having my business data consistent online important to my business?  

Common errors online with your name, address, phone number can confuse the search engines and negatively effect your rankings.  Have you recently changed the name of your business? Moved? Bought a business? Misleading or inconsistent information can effect your search engine rankings.  Severely. Even if you haven’t done any of the above, this data needs attention on a regular basis. Our team makes sure your online listings and platforms are all leading clients to the right place; your website.


How long will it take to see results?

Reviews: Immediately. Our review system is a cornerstone in our marketing. Plugging authentic user feedback into your business so that your daily transactions are testimonials to your amazing customer service.

SEO: 90 days or more; six months is ideal depending on the situation. We work through your key listings, delete duplicates, consolidate key business information and add branding/business descriptions where applicable. These corrections are verified with site moderators.

Reputation and overall marketing is a never ending investment in your business. Our clients on average see a bottom-line increase of 10-30% when working with us for a year and more. How is that for results?

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