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Just Add Water

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45-Day Courtesy Trial Package


For New Customers Only
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Funnel your reviews through a custom, branded review page. We make sure your customer's feedback goes directly to you, leaving out the middle man.

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Our thumbs up, thumbs down  experience rating makes it easy!

Customers have the option to leave additional feedback if they choose.


Get Coaching

At Deluge, we pride ourselves on understanding and building trust with each client. As a new customer, you'll gain access to proven solutions catered to your industry and target customers. 

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Your day-to-day actions impact your business.

We're here to make sure everything you do is a step in the right direction for growth.


Get Published

During your trial period, we'll make sure your reviews are getting published on review websites that are vital for your business.

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easy-to-read results

We don't bog you down with data. Our reports make it easy for you to understand results.

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Get the right information

At Deluge we pride ourselves on honesty and simplicity. Our back-end functions are complicated but your results reports won't be!



45 Day Trial/ $295

Set up/ $300