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One of the biggest advocates for your business is your online reviews. Not only do they get seen by a large audience, but they also help rank you higher in local search engines. Our review system links your daily service transactions to your most prominent online platforms. Connect your clients to your online data with a single-click. Good customer service reciprocates good client feedback. Reviews sustain your online presence and increase your online visibility. Let your business speak for itself with authentic client reviews.


Frequent clients already show loyalty and trust with your services, but most businesses stop the relationship upon checkout. A business may go as far as a verbal review request, but typically the request stops here. The client will either forget to follow-up on the review or they will get lost trying to find you on Google or Social Media. With our custom review system, you can show our clients how to….well, be good clients. A simple text message or e-mail leads your successful transaction to a 5-star review!


  1. Identifying the best points of service in your business-At what point in your daily transactions are your clients most satisfied? What moments make them smile? When do your clients have the time to leave a review? All of these factors play a big part in boosting your online visibility. We help target this moment and connect your client to this feedback.

  2. Text or E-mail a review request- a custom number (similar to your businesses), is sent upon checkout. Your client receives this message with an easy link into your review portal on their phone. The client is already signed into their most prominent social media accounts and is led straight to your priority review platforms.

  3. Client Experience Rating-A Stars, or Thumbs-up/Down Rating system intuitively give your business the necessary feedback from your client. Bad ratings immediately give your client the option to contact you directly so can address the experience personally. We help our clients through the process of addressing negative feedback. We encourage honest feedback, this is the best way to improve your services!

  4. Form Feedback-After the initial rating, clients are then led to easy click-through links to your key review platforms. The rating is accompanied by a quick review of your business. This is one of the first points of reference prospects look into when researching your services.

  5. Published Success-Your reviews are relevant and verify your awesome business. Watch your business visibility grow on search engines due to your increased online credibility.



Authenticity: Receive genuine feedback from your clients. Our system gives businesses a healthy connection to their local community. The client is addressed personally and is easily inclined to leave feedback for your business.

Accountability: Your business cares about its services. You want to make sure that you’re clients are satisfied with their experience in its entirety. We establish multiple points of contact within your business to generate reviews and hold your business accountable to its exceptional services.

Relevancy: Our review system keeps you on top of the competition; bridging the gap from a successful transaction to a published review. Your website and online listings stay current. Your social media is bolstered with positive reviews.


Website publishing: Let your testimonial page speak for itself with our live review-stream feature that allows your best feedback to display on your website.

Branded Social: The reviews don’t stop at Google; Your reviews can be utilized as consistent social media posts. We customize these reviews so that they fit with your businesses branding and distribute them accordingly.

E-mail signature add-on: Empower your followup with direct links to your most prominent platforms.

Real Content, Real Time, Real-Results.

Business—>for you , Brand.

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Our water plan is a great starting point for businesses that are looking to connect and grow their review content. We start by establishing your businesses key information in local databases, then we connect your company to your most effective platforms for clients to leave feedback on your services. This is our most popular plan and has yielded great result; increasing search engine rankings and boosting online trust with clients and inquiring prospects.

GMB MGMT W/ Reviews

Multiple Location Campaigns avalable

Monthly Google Postings

Quarterly Success Coaching


Our bud plan helps businesses disperse consistent business and services information that reaches audiences on search engines, social media, and custom landing pages on business websites. This plan includes initial features of our water plan, with the addition SEO business listing optimization and frequent social media posts on your key platforms. This plan is great for businesses that want to reach their audience with consistent service and benefits messaging. We brand your content to fit your businesses mission, inform your prospects on your industry, and implement our review system that verifies your businesses services.

Weekly Branded Social Media Posting

GMB Review Mgmt w/ Reviews

SEO optimization of Business listing

SEO Consultation of website


Our Bloom plan is a comprehensive digital strategy that boosts your business content as a local powerhouse within your industry. We identify your branding, plan out a comprehensive social media strategy, and output a multitude of content on a weekly basis. Your business does a lot more than what you may see on the web. We help conceptualize and publish your business through compelling social media, unmatched Google reputation, and monthly website maintenance and analytical reports.

Website SEO Sprawl: Title and Meta Data

Monthly Website Checks for broken links to make sure you stay connected at a base level.

Keyword Research for targeting local prospects

Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Weekly Social Media Postings



Problem: Salem needed a digital upgrade; their website was unresponsive on mobile and bogged down with misleading information that they had no control of. They had tried to implement Social Media in the past, but had unknowingly created duplicate accounts and had no access to them, either.  They knew that they had a great practice, but needed a digital image to match.

Solution:  Build new responsive website targeting his deal patients.  Implemented our proprietary review system, boosted reviews and now dominates his market in all four locations within the first 90 days.

Results:Search Engine Visibility:

Top Pack ranking for all four locations within local searches

Optimized Website with keyword and metatag data

Client Feedback: (Reviews at sign-on/present reviews)  - lets do a percentage here instead of a number?  

Feedback first year on our program:  Reviews up 75%

Testimonial Quote:   We paid marketing companies that didn't deliver and wasted a lot of time and money.  With Deluge, we now get real results that grow our bottom line! I just opened a fourth location and it is filling up fast thanks to our amazing online reputation, our new website that converts our shoppers to patients easily and effective SEO so we are showing up in all of the right places consistently.

Castle Orthodontics

Problem:   Castle was frustrated with their past marketing experiences. They had signed onto a marketing company that overpromised and underdelivered. Castle needed software that was Hippa Compliant and could deliver local results in Ireland.

Solution: We Provided a new proprietary review platform that was GDPR, HIPPA and Google compliant that allowed for them to double their reviews online in a matter of weeks.  The level of personalized attention and immediate support was refreshing. The upgraded software saved him time and money. The overall result is the Doctors and their team are able to spend their time on more important tasks with their non patient days eventings and weekends are now free from labor intensive marketing tasks.


One of the top ranked practices in Ireland

Client feedback up x%

Search visibility increased by X%

Must await testimonail quote  We need to talk to them after they have used our new review system for a month and give them some time to see ROI with the new system.  Maybe you can put “coming soon?”

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Problem:  Their marketing plan needed a refresh to include more client feedback and social media and the company they were using was a bit of a one trick pony.  Execution of their marketing plan to reach their objectives was lacking and they were searching for one company that they can trust to handle most or all of their marketing for them.  Due to a recent rebrand, they had inconsistent content, a lack of focus and growing pains resulting in some bad feedback online.

S: New Image was not happy with their past digital efforts; the company they had been using was delivering analytics, but was not tying these numbers to any verified sales. They knew that the reporting was a start, but werent quite sure how they could target info into hard prospects and closed sales. After much frustration they contacted Deluge with one goal in mind; “Show me the money.”


We initiated the campaign by optimizing user feedback to plug straight into their most relevant review platforms. This gave them immediate content that ranked in the top of local pacts. Targeting specific services was the first objective of our ad campaign. Deluge set up A/B testing that was specific to Implant and Denture services. We created a landing page and Google sheet that transferred direct client info into their database for furthur booking. We then directed the denture campaign straight to their onboarding processes so they could bring new prospects straight to the front door.  

We reviewed the plan and helped create a new plan based on more recent online marketing tactics that were sorely needed and could bring results quickly based on on their objectives. We helped identify their ideal patient profiles through our proprietary discovery sessions which provided the right information to laser focus marketing efforts for the most effective use of the budget.  As a full service boutique marketing company, we are able to implement a strategy that everyone knows about and remove any ambiguity while saving them money. Our reputation marketing review coaching and platform along with our social media solutions, SEO and PPC provided an influx of their ideal patients and this allowed them to expand their team which keeps wait times very low, resulting happy patients who leave more positive feedback than ever before.


Top of the Pact Ranking In Glendale and Phoenix

25% increase in postitive feedback online from their old marketing company results versus our company.  Five month side by side comparison. Increased bottom line 20%.

Search Engine Visibility:  Dominating local pack

Other Case Studies in Progress: Badalamenti and Huckabee


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Opening the floodgates to Unparalelled Online Visibility,

Real Content-real-time,

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A Comprehensive approach to Digital Marketing

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Online Marketing that flows; We Attract and Convert leads Utilizing Review Content and Increasing Organic Visibility.

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Need more patients? (looking glass Icon)

Not showing up in local Search Engines? (Computer Icon)

Does Social Media overwhelm you?

Need a true grasp on your outdsourced ROI?

Missing valuable family-time because you are trying to do it all on your own?

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Connect with your clients, prospects, and community. Our innovative software and insights give businesses the information they need to sustain their credibility and grow their outreach.

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We work together to make sure your values are effectively communicated on the right platforms; creating content that is compelling and substantial to your following.

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Watch your outreach grow; become a local industry leader through advanced technology and tactful marketing resources.

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Clientbase Pie Infograph:

Dentist: 6/19 33%

Ortho: 10/19 52%

Other small businesses: 3/19 15%

Graphic Idea: Custom Map listing our clients locations (all around the country) Putting Deluge style markers where they are located (we even have a client in Ireland)


Flow like Water

Your Industry is flooded with competitors. We know how difficult it is! Digital marketing is becoming the most valuable resource for attracting new prospects. With more than a billion websites out there, It’s important to be tactful with your data.

At Deluge Digital Marketing, We Identify your business gaps and simplify your online processes. We navigate and refine the decision making process. From search to booking; we make sure that your business handles every click with care.

Real- Content, Real-time, Real-Results.

How Do We Do It? A Peek Behind the Curtain

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to your business. The medical industry has so many poser companies that want you to believe that they have found the “secret” to prospect conversion. Well we have the answer; hard-work. Your clients are real people so your content needs to speak to them directly.

Organic Relationship

Like the river runs to the sea; there are so many connections that can make or break a clients trust in your business. We see the entirety of this and make sure that you are taken care of on every level. At Deluge Digital Marketing; our team of data driven experts helps gap the barrier between automation and authenticity. Like glove-in-hand; We align efficient user experience with professional customer service.

How do we do it? Check out our services below.

Web Design

A website is an extension of your business. We make the design process as easy as possible; supplementing your site with engaging imagery, accessible information, and the well organized data. There is 3.7 billion websites on the internet, make sure yours stands out. Build a website that you’re proud of. Check out some of our work here.


What are your business goals? Who are your target Audiences? How will your new website help your other digital marketing initiatives? We work closely with our clients to learn about your business, your clients, and competition. We utilize this information to build a strategy that will connect and grow your digital outreach.

Landing Page

Landing pages are essential to accessing key information about your business and services. We help identify and organize your key business info so that your visitors can easily navigate through your site and book with confidence. We additionally can build micro-sites that can target specific services, giving you precise leads to contact and follow-through with.

Mobile Accessibility

Your information needs to be optimized for Mobile Devices. They are your primary source of website traffic. We design your website so that your key information is easily reached and call-to actions are clearly placed.

Review Management

Start utilizing your clients as real-time testimonies for your business. Our Review management system is the easiest way to follow-up and verify your services. We connect your business to your industries most relevant platforms so that your clients can share their experiences and boost your online visibility.

Social Media

Enrich your business with media content that informs and engages your audiences. We believe Social Media is an invaluable resource that has empowered and revolutionized modern-day businesses. Your social media presence will make or break how prospects see you. We help our clients strategize and execute content that stands out from their competitors.


Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of a solid web presence. Googles algorithm is ever-changing; they rank local businesses off a variety of factors. We make sure your data is consistent and consolidated to give your business the highest ranking possible. Trust us, your bottom line will thank you.


Pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and many social platforms. PPC is the most efficient way to target for specific products and services. Design a campaign that directs prospects straight to your front door. We research the most effective keywords in your industry and design ads with substance. Whether you are looking increase site traffic or build a database of solid leads; we’ve got you covered.

We even can build micro-sites that are niche-specific. This is a great way to expand your digital presence and amplify your SEO. Invest in a campaign that is informative and engaging with Deluge Digital Marketing.


The numbers don’t lie. See where your business is growing and keep an eye out for where you can improve. Our monthly reports help our clients to stay in touch with their stats and set goals for the future. See tangible growth and allow our team to help guide you through key analytics.

Success Coaching

Tie it all together with expert consultation and strategy that helps connect-the-dots. Just as we seek to understand your business, we also believe that Digital Marketing needs to be approachable and understood by our clients. While other marketing companies aim to lose you in the jargon; we keep you informed and confident in your digital strategy.




Deluge Culture

We seek adventure. Each of our team members stays inspired through our passions outside of Deluge. Whether it be skiing, skateboarding, or just getting out on a hike with your pup; We want our clients to live more fulfilling lives outside of the office. How do we do this? Through stellar organization and data management. We alleviate some of the workplace stress so that business owners can take more time to inspire themselves. Digital Marketing is establishing consistent and relevant data to help businesses reach their online prospects. There is a lot of information out there. We connect and maintain this data so that you can focus on your practice, patients, and experiences outside of the office.

The Deluge Wonder Team

Amy-Amy is a cornerstone in our operations and bookkeeping. She helps keep Deluge on track with all of our operations and systems.

Connor-IT support and SEO wizard, Connor handles our back end software management and information systems.
*Personal Team photo pics

Tamela- Founder of Deluge and a driving force behind client production, She is the director of our digital processes and handles all of our client accounts with care. When she is not running Deluge, she likes to spend time with her Husband and Dogs, going out on adventures throughout the Pacific Northwes

Stephen-Stephen is our Creative Director and PPC director. He likes working with words and numbers. He maintains a grasp on all branding outlets and curates digital content for a handful of our clients.


Our values are rooted in cultivating relationships,
nurturing curiosity, and growing your outreach.

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We like to know what values drive our clients so we can build effective messaging that personifies their business and helps them connect to their client-base as much possible. We help you identify your target audience and connect them with your values so they feel confident in your services.

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Curiosity takes courage. In order to provide the best services possible, we look to improve our digital marketing knowledge on a daily basis. Research empowers our business and our clients to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best services possible.

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At Deluge; we encourage each team member to lead their lives with inspiration. Inspiration goes much further than the work place. We motivate our clients to lead lives of passion and believe that our services can serve as a catalyst to this freedom.

ROI Redefined

How Interested are you in your clients? How much do you really care about your Target Audience? We see interest goes far beyond money. We believe engagement goes far beyond the internet. In fact, if we aren’t helping others then we aren’t doing our job. Deluge has extended our services beyond our clients to help these local non-profits. We see this as a different form of ROI; Return on Integrity.

Each review we generate through our clients will result in a business donation to one of our partners or Charities. Your Communication helps the Community.

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This is a no kill dog shelter devoted to rescuing needy dogs of all breeds, ages and backgrounds. With the belief that all dogs deserve a second chance at a new life.It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being perfect for one another. 

Visit FAMILY DOGS NEW LIFE for more information.

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The mission of Reprise Choir is to present our singers, audience, and community with a wide variety of choral music at the highest artistic level and to collaborate with student musicians, encouraging them to pursue music throughout their lifetime.

Visit REPRISE for more information.